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‘Warlock’ Star Julian Sands as Count Holliday in Glenn Danzig’s ‘Death Rider in the House of Vampires’ [Exclusive]

December 2020

The gifts just keep coming from rock star-turned-filmmaker Glenn Danzig‘s latest horror production, the Vampire Spaghetti Western Death Rider in the House of Vampires.

We end the year with another tease, a colorful shot of the great Julian Sands as Count Holliday, “who rules the Vampire Sanctuary,” Danzig tells us. “In this still, he is in his chamber.

New from Verotik comes Muertana #1

October 2020

Brand New Muertana #1 by Verotik 2020 with an incredible painted cover by Simon "Biz" Bisley.  Verotik's Palo-Witch "Muertana" Returns in her Own Bloody Book!! Story by Glenn Danzig with Art by Rafa Garres, Jason Blood & Costanza. Hail Verotik!

Order them here: